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Elephant Apple Pickle

Elephant Apple Pickle

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Introducing Agriyumfoods' new culinary delight

Chalta/Elephant Apple Pickle, a tribute to the rich heritage of Asian flavors and the nutritional prowess of Dillenia Indica. Once abundant in Odisha's landscapes, the urban sprawl has made these exotic fruits a rarity, with their traditional uses confined to a handful of recipes like curries and chutneys. However, we at Agriyumfoods are on a mission to revive the memories of its unique taste and bring it back to your tables.

Imagine a time when the vibrant hues of Chalta, also known as Elephant Apple, adorned every local market stall, enticing passersby with its tangy aroma. Today, its scarcity is a reminder of the changing times. But fear not, as Agriyumfoods has ventured deep into the heart of tradition to craft a pickle that encapsulates not just the fruit's flavor but also its historical significance. Each bite of our Chalta/Elephant Apple Pickle is a journey through time, a celebration of age-old culinary wisdom fused with modern gastronomic delight.

Health Benefits:
Our Chalta/Elephant Apple Pickle isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a treasure trove of health benefits.
Packed with Vitamin C, it shields you from scurvy and liver ailments while the antioxidants combat breast and uterine cancers.
The iron content boosts red blood cell function, banishing anemia, while various nutrients fortify your heart, kidneys, and bones.
Say goodbye to digestive woes as this pickle tackles diarrhea and indigestion, and bid adieu to winter ailments like sore throats and coughs with a dash of Chalta juice.

Elephant apple
Spices( cumin, corrainder, red chilli, mustard seed etc.)

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