Go Lemon ! Your Superhero Against Summer Heat.

Go Lemon ! Your Superhero Against Summer Heat.

Enjoy this summer season with a twisty taste of lemon with AgriYum range of Lemon Squash & Lemon Juice or keep your digestion in check with infused water.  


The juicy citrus flavour and texture of the squash when diluted with chilled water and ice cubes makes for a drink you can enjoy without a rush.

AgriYum Foods, naturally extracted lemon juice can added a lemony twist to your recipes as well add a tangy taste to your evening mocktail.


We at AgriYum Foods, ensures to preserve the originality of the produce to maintain the quality standard & improving the goodness of the produce. The company ensures that only the best ingredients and high standards of manufacturing are used for making our products that we are so proud of. Consistently delivering "Very Tasty, All Healthy" products.

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