About Us


 Shailja's Organic Products Private Limited owns 105 acres of farmland to cultivate CHEMICAL-FREE produce and elevate the daily lives of surrounding urban residents. The land has approximately 1200 mango trees that are 15-20 years old, as well as 800 cashew trees and 1100 seedless lemon trees. Our forebears were accustomed to the delicacy in nutrition that we now desire but cannot find. We're used to ingesting that began a long way away, is usually pre-cooked and reheated, and is bundled, among several other characteristics.

This enterprise was inspired to redefine the character of traditional agriculture and popularise sustainable agribusiness to locations across the world by thinking about health and wellness, lifestyle choices of urban civilisation. According to years of research, chemical-free farming has enormous potential to promote the healthy lifestyle of urban civilisation.

Over the years, we've cared for the plants in the most natural way possible, without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers. When it comes to fruit production, we rely on farm honey bees for pollination. Because we don't use pesticides, our bees live and thrive on the farm, and they've given their seal of approval to "Chemical-free produce." Not only do you taste the mango flavour, but you also taste the richness of the land and the sweetness of the rain that nourishes life in Dhenkanal.

Natural ripening and CHEMICAL FREE mangoes. We don't use any artificial ripening techniques; all we do is store the mangoes in a dry environment and let them ripen naturally.

We're also planning to integrate animals and poultry in the near future – the more, the better!


A small group of people who are passionate about healthy and delicious food co - founded. And the people who work with us to run the company and promote the product are just as enthusiastic about everything we believe in. Farmers working on the farm also provide significant support; they treat the crop as if it were their own child, and AgriYum Food prioritise their happiness and well-being. We keep a balance right by promoting the health and well-being of both metropolitan society and our farmers.

We produce value added product under the brand name of AgriYumFoods. The company has its own  105 acres of farming land  of different varieties of Chemical free Mangoes, Cashew Nuts, Chemical free Honey, Desi lemon as well as Seedless Hybrid lemon, Mustard Plants, and Turmeric Plants. Our cultivated Agro produce is converted into value added products such as Mango Pulp, Mango Pickle, Packaged Pure Honey, Packaged Lemonade, Mango Jam, Packaged Lemon. Our farm is situated at village- Patalu, Block- Hindol, Mouza- Buhalipal, district Dhenkanal.

AgriYumFoods aspires to deliver CHEMICAL FREE produce straight from our farm, with the goal of providing everyone with a healthy and nutritious product. Our team are certain that we will be able to establish our organic products and brand name in our market over the next several months.

At AgriYumFoods our big aim is to join forces with everyone who is working to make the world a greener, more sustainable, and happier place to live.


 We have constructed a highly effective and sophisticated infrastructure unit at our facilities to meet the massive order demands of the given range. We have assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to handle all of our business-related operations to the best of our ability.

The company ensures that only the best ingredients and high standards of manufacturing are used for making our products that we are so proud of. Consistently delivering "Very Tasty, All Healthy" products.

In our commitment to serve our customers, all our products are available online on www.AgriYumfoods.com.

Our expertise team

We have a strong team of experts here at AgriYumFoods to provide the best assistance and supervision for all the manufacturing activities and production activities. With such an amazing and effective leadership, we are able to supply a quality assured range of Fruit pulp and concentrates, pickle products, cashew nut honey, turmeric and other value-added products

Our team of experts comprises of Food Technologists, Agriculturist, horticulturist, Quality Controllers, Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers, Marketing and Sales Executives, Supporting Staff, Packing Personnel, Logistics Support.

Our Team's Unwavering Commitment

We deeply appreciate the relentless dedication and hard work of our entire team. Their commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive the best mangoes, from our farm to their tables.