Vision & Mission

Agriyumfoods - A brand of Shailja's organic products pvt ltd

Vision of AgriYum Foods

Vision is the END Goal that we have to manifest through our enterprise and our products, today, tomorrow and every day of our existence.

To be an exemplary Agriculture and Horticulture based enterprise that provides food and nutritional security for its customers.

Mission of AgriYum Foods

Mission is the daily and regular efforts and activities, today, tomorrow and everyday of our existence to manifest our vision.

  • To undertake commercially viable agriculture and horticulture projects that maximize economic gain and risk mitigation for both the domestic and as well as exports market. .
  • To be the thought leader in our business category by developing effective products (Very Tasty. All Healthy), and deploying efficient promotion & marketing programs, through iterative efforts of planning, implementing and experime-nting in the areas of marketing, Strategy, innovation, research, technology and management.
  • To enable and empower employees, process and culture within our enterprise, for better utilization of resources for cultivation and post harvest management and by use of apt technologies to execute and to scale up the operation's efficiency and effectiveness.
To promote commercial agriculture & horticulture, in India and abroad through collaboration amongst producers, farmers, research organizations, government entities, private & public stakeholders and credit institutions.

Our Team's Unwavering Commitment

We deeply appreciate the relentless dedication and hard work of our entire team. Their commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive the best mangoes, from our farm to their tables.